Where We’re Going

A Roadmap for Our Future

We are the Northland’s first and only Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic. With this, we realize the great responsibility we have to our community and the importance of having its members’ voices contribute to our plan.

HDC’s Strategic Planning team gathered input from employees, leadership, community partners, and the community members we serve in an effort to develop the most comprehensive and inclusive strategic plan possible. This plan is a direct result of that input and will guide us as we continue to remove barriers and deliver comprehensive, fully integrated mental health and addiction services to our community. We aspire to be at the forefront of innovation to ensure that the best comprehensive and integrated behavioral health care is readily available to anyone in need.

We are reaching toward a vision where we help lead our community by empowering others.

Benjamin Hatfield, MSW, LICSW, LADC
Chief Executive Officer, Human Development Center

HDC’s mission is to foster hope, resilience, and recovery by providing integrated, culturally respectful mental health and addiction services.

Our Vision

HDC will be a leading provider of comprehensive mental health and addiction services that empower people with the knowledge and the resilience to lead successful, fulfilling lives.


We will deliver services that are financially and geographically available to all persons in the communities we serve.


We will partner effectively with other agencies and providers to ensure that services are customized to the needs of our communities and their members.


We will integrate technology and human creativity to meet community members’ behavioral health needs and adapt to a changing environment.


We will coordinate internal and external resources to deliver cohesive behavioral health services.

Culturally Responsive

We will meet the needs of the diverse communities we serve and prioritize practices that sustain and retain diverse staff.

Staff Development

We will cultivate a supportive and compassionate environment for our employees and provide opportunities that enable personal and professional growth.


We will manage social, fiscal, and environmental resources in a manner that fosters resilience and balances current and future needs.

Our Core Values

We include and value every person from all diversities, backgrounds, and cultures.


We treat all people with dignity while providing services that are responsive and ethical.


We communicate honestly, respectfully, and transparently with staff and the people we serve.


We provide individualized care to empower the people we serve and support employees’ personal growth.


We provide quality professional services through evidence-based practices, accessibility to care, and innovation.


We coordinate with our communities to ensure exceptional services that promote a higher quality of life for all people.


We have empathy for the feelings, experiences, desires, and needs of all people.

Our Goals

We defined three major initiatives designed to realize our new vision.
These goals will focus our energies over the next five years.

Goal 1

Provide comprehensive, integrated behavioral health services  in collaboration with community partners.

Goal 2

Support and sustain diverse professional staff members who are  prepared to deliver exceptional integrated behavioral health services.

Goal 3

Develop sustainable financial and physical resources to fully support comprehensive, integrated behavioral health services and qualified professional staff.