Our Board of Directors

Dan Maddy

Daniel Maddy

Regional Sales Executive, SAP Concur, 2017-2023

Jacob Stonesifer

Vice President
Attorney, Johnson, Killen & Seiler, P.A., 2019-2022

Janny Walker

Retired Advising & Academic Services Director, UMD, 2019-2022

Kevin Mosier

Past President
Account Executive with SAP Concur

Brent Malvick

Attorney, Hanft Fride, 2019-2022

Jean Olson

Retired Psychotherapist, Duluth Clinic, 2017-2023

Peggy Downing

Retired Physical Therapist, 2020-2023

Dennis Falk

Retired Dept. of Social Work Professor, UMD, 2019-2022

Ida Watson-Souther

Social Worker, St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services, 2021-2024

Neil Sample

Daryl Olson

Mary Garness