Recovery Services

HDC offers over 28 programs focusing on mental health and recovery services.

HDC Outpatient Recovery Services uses evidence-based intervention techniques to provide the best practices and outcomes possible

We develop a truly individualized and flexible treatment plan to accommodate the schedule of each person seeking recovery from addiction. 

Our outpatient treatment programs help individuals develop coping skills, knowledge, accountability, and support to successfully navigate through life.  

Services offered include
  • Initial and Comprehensive Evaluations 
  • Comprehensive assessments 
  • Individual and Group Recovery Counseling 
  • Individual and Group Mental Health Therapy 
  • Co-occurring Treatment Services 
  • Medication Assisted Treatment 
  • Peer Recovery and Aftercare Support Services.

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance use and are interested in learning more about any of our recovery services, or are interested in getting signed up please reach out to the following number and we can direct you to the appropriate recovery expert: 218-730-2387.

Interested in recovery services? You can request appointment information here.

Locations: CarltonLake, and St. Louis Counties as well as the Northeast Regional Corrections Center